Time Machine: Back in Style


Time Machine: Back in Style

Have you noticed the recent wave of fashion come-backs? Since the economic crisis started, there has been a mass reincarnation of fashion trends from the past.

Rediscovering a past we never lived is perhaps a reaction to an uncomfortable present, much like mentally hopping on a time machine to live in another era. This reincarnation is painfully obvious because it has radically modified the course of fashion, which from the 2000s strived to create new looks.

Now retro styles are mixed in with contemporary styles, creating a generation that is neither dressing in the present nor in the past. Here are some of the trends that have returned to the market…

Short hairstyles for women


Reminiscing the 60s, short pixie cuts are roaring these days. From the most classical “vintage” bob haircuts to the quirkiest cuts, you can definitely see more women sporting a short haircut in the last few years than ever before.

Banana hairstyle for men


If you see many James Dean or Elvis Presley wannabes around, fear not… you are not having a dream set in the 50s. The “banana” hairstyle has come back in style. The contemporary version is cut short at the sides, but has the same “macho” quiff that the original has.

Wayfarer sunglasses


Loved by the crowds and sported by the famous, classic Wayfarer sunglasses are all the rage these days. Born in the 1950s, this square-framed design became popular in the 80s and secured the fortune of RayBan, acknowledged as the original producer of the design.

Due to its success it was reproduced by other brands in the most diverse colors and lenses, and nowadays almost anyone can sport his/her own pair of original or fake Wayfarers. What matters is the stylish flair that these shades can give you.

Checkered shirts


Checked shirts are also a 80s legacy from punk subculture. Punks borrowed this style from the working class, and the style eventually became the symbol of the revolutionary generation of that time.

This symbolism is no longer associated with the checkered short today, as the trend is so widespread. The shirt can be worn to state a variety of looks, from the rock’n’roll look to a preppy style.



Brought to the fashion limelight by the likes of Madonna in the 80s, leggings are back and solving most of our outfit dilemmas. They can be found in different colors, fabrics and patterns. This is just one of the most versatile items back in style.

High waisted pants, shorts and skirts

Fashion bloggers Delmy Rivers, Mónica Cerino, and Nancie Mwai sporting high-waisted pants

I remember thinking to myself during the 90s and 2000s, that I could not stand the sight of high-waisted pants. But the style is very much back in on the fashion catwalks!

High waisted trousers, short and skirts are the perfect item of clothing to lengthen the legs and accentuating your waist, what more could you ask for?!



Men and women, alike, have rediscovered the pleasure of wearing loafers. Those comfortable and smart shoes are appropriate both for work and leisure, and can be found in different styles.

From the vintage Penny loafer to the modern day version covered in studs, you can see them popping out on people’s feet.

Platform shoes


Platforms are back, although less glittery and thick than they were seen in the 90s. This past summer, platforms with rope heels were all the rage, and other versions are to be spotted during this seasons Autumn/Winter collection.

So, did you notice those trends back in style too? Which ones have you been sporting?


Sara is 27 years old but looking much younger, Italian but wannabe somewhere else, brown hair but dyed red. Contradictive attitude? Maybe, but she prefers to call it Personal Quest for My Way.


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