How to dress like a womens fashion icon in the 60s


How to dress like a womens fashion icon in the 60s

There are plenty of influential celebrity icons from the 60s, for instance, Twiggy, Edie Sedgwick, Bridgette Bardot, The Beatles, Jacqueline O. Kennedy and the list goes on… and on.

Female fashion icon from the 60s

First of all to achieve a 60s look, the main features to concentrate on is the eye makeup and the hair, emulating Edie Sedgwick and Andy Warhol, two massive icons in the 60s.

Andy Warhol and Edie Sedgwick

The 60s Hairstyle

Edie sported a short sixties hairstyle, which she sprayed silver in order to look like her close friend Andy Warhol. Short hair styles were particularly fashionable in the 60s, although other classic 60s hairstyles included asymmetric cuts and the beehive – a particular favourite of Bridgette Bardot.

How to achieve 60s style eye makeup

To achieve a 60s style eyes, you will have to use a white eyeshadow on the lids of your eyes, and black kohl eyeliner swept just above the socket line in an arch shape and along the lash line.  Next, apply heaps of mascara and false eyelashes on top. To re-create Twiggy’s eye makeup, you can draw eye lashes underneath the eyes which gives a sort of doll-like look.

Young Twiggy's eye makeup

60s Apparel

For a very popular 1960s look, wear a mini skirt with a long collared shirt tied at the collar with a black ribbon, or a smock dress covered in loud patterns finished off with high boots. White patent leather boots, known as “go go” boots are an ideal choice of 60s footwear.

Another great 60s look is to wear a striped top or dress put together with black tights or leggings. Wet look PVC was just starting to come into fashion in the 1960s, so these can be worn instead of normal black leggings for a stunning look.

Twiggy wearing 60s style smock dress with large earrings

Accessorise the 60s outfit

Big earrings are a key ingredient to 60s style, big chandelier style earrings, hoops and fun shapes are a must. To make the outfit complete, you could add bug eyed sunglasses and a large sunhat. All of these accessories together make a stunning combination.

Get the Jacqueline O. Kennedy Esq. look

Jackie Kennedy wore a very smart look, to achieve this look start off with a cocktail dress that nips in at the waist. Ass a pearl necklace, long silk gloves and open toe kitten heels. To finish off the look, wear your hair in a Bouffant bob with a pill box hat, and voilà – you have the glamorous… Jackie Kennedy.

Jackie Kennedy

Dress like a male fashion icon in the 60s

The Beatles were massive fashion icons of the 60s sporting there collarless suits and bowl haircuts. The 60s was a revolutionary time for menswear, the world saw men’s fashion transform from plain suits and shirts to fun and vibrant colours.

The Beatles Style

To create this 60s look, wear a flamboyant shirt with a collarless jacket and a brightly coloured suit. Execute this look by making sure the trousers of the suit have a slim leg and pull on some square Cuban heel or Chelsea boots, of any colour or of suede texture, to finish off the look.

So there it is, how to achieve the 60s celebrity icon look, from The Beatles to Jackie Kennedy. Which style is your favourite?


Ellie loves travelling and is a self-confessed party animal who loves fashion. Her interests in fashion has placed her sights on the world of fashion PR.


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